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The 2023 Elthamread Choice

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho

published by Dialogue Books

Paterson Joseph is Elthamread 2023

Paterson Joseph

Elthamread 2023 Author

Sixth Form girls

Ignatius Sancho in 1768


to be Announced very soon!

Junior Elthamread 2023

Junior Elthamread
Junior Elthamread

LIVE EVENTS at eltham library

Elthamread Events 2023

Paterson Joseph is Elthamread 2023

Charles Ignatius Sancho – A talk by Dr William Sterling

To shine an academic light on the subject of this year’s Elthamread, Dr William Sterling will be giving a talk on Ignatius Sancho.

Locally-based history lecturer William Sterling taught full-time at an independent school in Kent for four years before joining the Civil Service. He completed a PhD at King’s College, London in 2008.

The lecture will be at Eltham Library, setting the scene for Paterson Joseph’s novel, and is FREE.

Wednesday 11 October at 6.30pm

at Eltham Library


Create a Regency Fan Workshop

Awake your inner Bridgerton with The Create a Regency Fan Workshop led by Victoria Ajoku. FREE.

Saturday 14 October at 2pm

contact Miriam at Eltham Library

Email Miriam Storey

Poetry Book

A 'Dear Diary' Evening

Come along to read an excerpt from your favourite published diary or a passage from your own diary – perhaps recording an Eltham memory or an historic event – or even a section from a fantasy diary. FREE.

Wednesday 1 November at 7pm

at Eltham Library

Poetry Book
Paterson Joseph

Special Author Event

Paterson Joseph will be at Eltham Library to speak about his book. 
Tickets only from Miriam Storey at Eltham Library.


Email Miriam

Tuesday 7 November at 7pm

at Eltham Library


‘Untold Stories’ Evening

Enjoy an evening of ‘Untold Stories’ written by the Eltham Writers Group and performed by the Bob Hope Theatre actors for Elthamread.

Wednesday 22 November at 7pm

at Eltham Library

Poetry Book

still available at eltham library

Last Year’s Elthamread Choice

Small Pleasures with author

The Kids

published by Bloodaxe Books

Clare Chambers

Hannah Lowe

Author of The Kids

Sixth Form girls

The Inspiration

Working in a London sixth form college.

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